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Acv News

Getting ACV
ACV is available on Asianet Cable Services, a premier cable network in the state of Kerala.Asianet Cable Services, one amongst the largest last-mile cable service providers in India , provides Analog & Digital cable service across Kerala.

News Pulse Of Your Neighbourhood
The largest news network in kerala , specializes in producing local news content in a very unique operation.The news network producing 4 daily news bulletins from 41 centers across the state carrying exclusive local news content , thus covering every nuke and corner of the state.

News @ daily 8AM, 1:30PM, 6:30PM, 8:30PM

Ente Nadu Ente Vartha
The first citizen journalist program in Malayalam Television, ENEV features the concerns, demands and problems of common citizens at the grass root level. The depth of the issues covered are more visible as those affected or related to the issue act as reporters.
Every Wednesday @ 7PM

An investigative program that unravels news behind the news. Has taken up several issues in the past ranging from Express Highway to Endosulphan and Farmers suicides to increasing menace of criminal gangs in the state. The program has also acted as a platform for the needy ones to get humanitarian aid and help from all walks of life after their stories were carried in the program.
Every Thursday @ 7PM

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Citizen Journalist