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Kiliroor sex scandal case

 Monday, 06 February 2012:
Kiliroor sex scandal case will be issued on February 6th. The court proceedings in the case have been completed.
The case relates to sexual exploitation of a girl named Shaari from Kiliroor, near Kottayam, by the accused after offering her roles in television serials. Shaari died at the Kottayam Medical College Hospital on 13th November 2004.
Earlier reports:-
Praveen (30), the second accused in the sensational Kiliroor sex scandal case had earlier admitted before the CBI special Court that he had fathered Shaari’s (victim) child.
The Court while recording the statements of the accused informed that the DNA test conducted on Praveen to determine the paternity of the child was positive.
The accused in the case are Praveen, 24, and Manoj, 19, both conductors attached to the Guruvayur depot of the  KSRTC. 

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